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Element LIMS® Laboratory Software

Element LIMS from Promium is a configurable off-the-shelf laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed specifically for environmental labs, water and wastewater treatment organizations, power companies, and other analytical labs that test soil, water, wastewater, air, cannabis, and food. Element LIMS laboratory software is easy to use and gives you more control over operations and more confidence in analytical results. Element LIMS improves efficiency, access to information, and quality.

Element LIMS laboratory software is proven technology that has been implemented in hundreds of laboratories--from national systems such as the U.S. EPA and Environment Canada, to regional and municipal laboratories, to network and independent commercial laboratories of all sizes. Laboratories with Element LIMS have reported improving productivity of 30-50%.

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EnviroChain® Online Chain of Custody, Field Data Collection

EnviroChain from Promium is an online chain of custody (CoC) service for field data collection that eliminates the need for the paper-based chain of custody process for environmental sampling. Eliminating all those paper CoCs and the manual data entry that goes along with them, improves the productivity of the lab as well as increasing efficiency for sample generators.

EnviroChain creates a closed-loop system between environmental engineering/consulting firms and analytical testing laboratories. Online chain of custody documents are more efficient, more accurate, and more reliable.

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DataConcourse® Data Management

DataConcourse from Promium is a cloud-based online application for environmental engineering and consulting firms that eliminates much of the manual data review and analysis of laboratory reports and electronic data deliverables (EDDs). With DataConcourse, engineers and environmental consultants increase efficiency and accuracy in reporting without spending hours manipulating spreadsheets or needing a degree in IT.

Import laboratory reports and data directly into DataConcourse from Element LIMS or other LIMS and configure and format the data online to meet your needs.

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