Leadership with experience, passion, and a commitment to your success.

Since 1998, our mission has been to provide solutions that deliver increased efficiency, stronger quality management, and greater access to information for analytical testing laboratories. Solutions that improve the performance of your laboratory, so that you spend less effort, and get better results.

Promium is exclusively dedicated to providing information management solutions to environmental, water, wastewater, and cannabis analytical testing laboratories. Whether collecting samples, performing testing, or analyzing and reporting results, we understand your workflow and business needs.

Our products and services focus on environmental science and include laboratory information management (LIMS), online sample submission (CoC), and client portal. Element LIMS is at the center of our product portfolio, and every day, thousands of users benefit from the intuitive and configurable system.

Scot Cocanour  |  Chief Executive Officer, Founder

As CEO and co-founder, I have the exciting role of providing the vision and leadership for the company and as a self-described “knowledge alchemist,” I also serve as chief customer advocate. Prior to Promium, I founded North Creek Analytical, one of the largest environmental testing laboratories in the Northwest, and was an Executive Vice President at TestAmerica.

Buddy Wilson  |  President, CTO, Founder

As co-founder, President and CTO, I am also the architect of Element LIMS and have the rewarding responsibility for the technical vision and product development. As a former laboratory director with 20 years of analytical testing experience, I get to apply a hands-on understanding of how information flows through the lab to make it more efficient and effective.

John Albert  |  Director of Implementation

As Director of Product Implementation, I manage a fantastic team responsible for the installation and implementation of Promium products. My prior 17 years of laboratory experience and work as an implementer helped to build a broad understanding of customer needs and product capabilities.

Bruce Bradburn  |  Director of Customer Support

As Director of Support Services, I am responsible for managing our interaction with you when you need technical assistance. My 16 years of experience in the laboratory and also as an implementer and user of Element LIMS, gives me a deep understanding of customer needs and a passion for resolving issues.

Kyle Bustanoby  |  IT Manager

As IT Manager, I am responsible for designing, organizing, and supporting our computer, server, and network systems as well as our hosted SaaS operations. With 15 years of IT experience, I am passionate about addressing customer and internal needs for solutions that keep everyone connected and that facilitate the flow of information.

Glen Lagrou  |  Director of Development

As Director of Development, I manage the day-to-day activities of an amazing team of developers. We have the tremendous responsibility of turning requirements into actual product. Combining 12 years work for commercial and public sector laboratories with over 15 years of software development experience, I am able to bring a broad range of technical expertise to the position.

Andy Levy  |  Director of Marketing

My responsibilities encompass marketing and sales operations, including understanding customer needs and reaching out to share information about the products we offer. I work closely with our development, sales, finance, and support teams. My job includes talking with customers and looking at market trends to influence our business operations and product development.

Allison Mead  |  Product Manager

As Product Manager, I have the awesome opportunity to interact with customers and contribute to the development of new products and features that improve laboratory efficiency and quality. With more than 14 years of previous experience in the laboratory and consulting, I enjoy working on new solutions to address laboratory challenges.

Melissa Parsell  |  Director of Finance & Accounting

As Director of Finance, I am responsible for all the financial and HR related activities of the company. That includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general administrative, and financial planning and reporting. My scope also includes taking steps to maintain financial stability, asset management, and regulatory compliance.