Style Guide

Below is a quick overview of Promium approved colors, logos, and fonts. You can also view and download a copy of the complete style guide.

Please follow these guidelines with regard to any material you present to prospects, customers, partners, and anyone else outside of Promium.


RGB: 51.142.233
HEX: 338ee9

RGB: 16.82.148
HEX: 105294

RGB: 203.226.249
HEX: cbe2f9

RGB: 119.154.76
HEX: 779a4c

RGB: 138.199.93
HEX: 8ac75d

RGB: 206.231.187
HEX: cee7bb

RGB: 82.82.82
HEX: 525252

RGB: 186.186.186
HEX: bababa

RGB: 227.227.227
HEX: e3e3e3


Right click on the logo to download. For use in Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc.




Font for headings and copy is typically Segoe UI, a humanist san-serif font that conveys Promium’s approachability and friendliness.

For variation, Trebuchet MS may be used for headings.

Fonts must be consistent for a single document or series of related documents.

A standard layout could include a headline of Segoe UI 18pt, subhead of Segoe UI 14pt, and copy of Segoe UI 10pt.

Note: If a Google font is required, Hind Vadodara is used for headlines and copy, particularly on the web. If an iOS font is required, Avenir may be used.

Product and Application Names

The following are the only acceptable names to use for our applications. Also keep in mind that we do not use abbreviations or nick names for any of our products in public.

Element LIMS


EnviroChain EA


Element ClientConnect

(it is acceptable to use “ClientConnect” in some instances)