LIMS for Cannabis & Hemp Testing

Provide accurate and timely analytical results while improving operational performance.

Streamline laboratory information management and provide your clients and regulators with high quality tracking and reporting for cannabis and hemp related testing.

Efficiently managing analysis, tracking, and reporting for cannabis and hemp testing.

Element LIMS addresses the needs of laboratories responding to legalization of recreational cannabis/marijuana and hemp/cbd. Element LIMS provides a robust solution to the regulatory and analytical testing requirements.

As the cannabis and hemp testing industry matures, local and state regulations are becoming more defined. At least in some states, laboratories have a much more direct role in assuring that cannabis products and producers are in compliance. Information management solutions must do more than generate pretty reports. Efficiently managing the appropriate scientific analysis and reporting are critical to producing quality results for your clients and regulatory agencies. [where is it legal?]

What is different from other markets?

There are several unique aspects of the cannabis market–not the least of which is the fact that the Federal Government currently opposes legalized use. There are five other areas that directly impact cannabis testing organizations.

  1. In many states, the testing laboratory not the client, is responsible for reporting compliance.
  2. Some states have implemented mandatory seed-to-sale applications for tracking.
  3. Testing results must be reported in visually attractive formats rather than clinical looking scientific reports.
  4. There are new attributes to track beyond analytical elements, such as sample weight and medical vs. recreational.
  5. A tremendously fluid regulatory environment.

From small focused laboratories to large high volume cannabis and hemp testing networks, Promium solutions, with robust scientific functionality and seed-to-sale integration, have contributed to increased efficiency and strong reporting.

Full featured LIMS for regulated recreational cannabis testing.

Element LIMS

The cannabis configuration of Element LIMS provides specific functionality to address the unique needs of laboratories that test cannabis for recreational and medical use–including full integration with seed-to-sale software. Element LIMS supports testing and reporting for potency, pesticides, terpenes, water activity, mold, and residual solvents. Specific to the needs of labs testing cannabis, Element LIMS includes:

  • Ability to track medical vs. recreational
  • Accounting system integration
  • Support for remote sampling or in-lab sampling
  • Flexible, automated sample intake
  • Instrument integration (no manual entry)
  • Embedded quality control monitoring
  • Automated audit trails
  • Automated reporting
  • Automatic posting to seed-to-sale system
  • Automatic weight reconciliation
  • Input from RFID and barcode scanning

EnviroChain EA

By improving the process for entering data in the field–directly at the point of sampling–and then uploading that information in real-time to the laboratory LIMS, sample generators (you or your clients), streamline workflow and eliminate manual work and opportunities for error.

Online sample submission with EnviroChain EA eliminates the need for paper CoCs and the associated manual data entry. EnviroChain EA provides sample scheduling directly from Element LIMS and sample data is imported from the field via any internet-connected device.

Automate and streamline your laboratory workflow to increase efficiency with Element LIMS.

Web-based sample submission and CoC application reduces cost, eliminates paper.

Regulatory Compliance

Promium solutions for cannabis
testing are designed and developed
based on industry standards and
regulations, accreditation programs,
and best practices.

Standards Supported:

  • Addresses ISO 17025 requirements
  • Support for NELAC/ELAP standards
  • Applicable 21 CFR Part 11
  • Various state/provincial and local government programs

Reporting and Seed-to-Sale Integration