Solutions for Environmental Engineering

Eliminate paper, spreadsheets, and complexity.

Online sample submission from the field and streamlined data analysis and formatting.

Increase efficiency for sample collection and reporting for your environmental testing projects.

Environmental sampling and chemical analysis are critical to the completion of your projects. You need solutions and tools that make that effort more efficient and more accurate. At the same time, those solutions must provide an advantage in the areas of cost and delivery.

To help environmental engineering and consulting companies address these dynamic conditions, Promium has developed online sample submission and environmental data management software exclusively for managing environmental testing information.

Promium solutions are developed to give environmental engineering and consulting companies straight forward, efficient tools, that empower end-users to spend less time with paper work and more time creating value.

  • From small consulting firms to global engineering companies

  • Federal, state, and local governmental agencies

  • Simple one-time sampling, complex engineering projects, ongoing monitoring

Streamlined workflow from sample collection to final analysis.


Online sample submission with EnviroChain eliminates the paper CoCs and the associated manual data entry. By improving the process for entering data in the field–directly at the point of sampling–and then uploading that information in real-time to the laboratory LIMS, you streamline workflow and eliminate manual work and opportunities for error.


Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and format chem tables in minutes. Use DataConcourse to automate data import and analysis and improve efficiency. Create initial tables in minutes instead of hours and eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual data entry and formatting.

Eliminate paper CoC with the mobile app and online sample submission.

Automate analysis and improve efficiency with this online service.

"...I don’t worry about them misreading my hand-written CoC or making a mistake when they type sample data into their system. It’s all automatically uploaded."

Project Engineer, Environmental Consulting Firm

Regulatory Compliance

Promium solutions are designed and developed based on industry standards and regulations, accreditation programs, and best practices.

Standards Supported:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Analytical Methods and Laboratory Certification
  • Cryptosporidium Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
  • Information Collection Requirements (ICR) for Drinking Water Laboratories
  • UCMR Laboratory Approval Program
  • Drinking Water Laboratory Approval Program
  • CALA
  • Various state/provincial and municipal programs
  • ISO 17025
  • Portions of 21 CFR Part 11