LIMS System for Environmental Testing

Developed specifically for laboratories that test soil, water, wastewater, air, and other environmental matrices.

Automate field sample collection and streamline laboratory information management, from login to producing final reports.

More efficiently measure, monitor and report on environmental conditions.

Never has it been more important to accurately measure, monitor and report on environmental conditions. And with growing sensitivity to environmental safety and sustainability, regulations and competitive challenges are growing too.

To survive and thrive, environmental laboratories must increase operational efficiency and find new ways to attract and retain clients. Promium has developed laboratory information management (LIMS) and online sample submission functionality to address these dynamic conditions.

Element LIMS is exclusively developed for the environmental testing community, modeled around compliance with national standards such as NELAC and ISO 17025, and US EPA and state and local standards across the United States, Canada, and other countries.

From the US EPA to large laboratory networks, to small owner-operator laboratories in the United States, Canada, Asia, and other regions, Promium solutions contribute to increased efficiency, expanded access to information, and stronger quality control.

Streamlined workflow from the field through the lab.

Whether it is a quick turn-around project or regularly scheduled testing, a walk-in client or a long-term high volume project, Element LIMS gives you flexible login capabilities, supports high quality analysis, and provides efficient automated reporting. Allowing you to get samples in and final results out, fast and accurately.

Element LIMS

Element LIMS delivers increased productivity, stronger quality management, and shorter turnaround times. Increased efficiency with greater regulatory compliance.

Element LIMS has hundreds of features specifically tailored to the needs of environmental labs. Features include electronic bench sheets, automated QC, pre-configured templates, embedded calculations, detailed tracking, and automated report packaging.

ClientConnect with EnviroChain

The Element ClientConnect portal provides your clients with web-based access to important project information such as sample data, test results and documents–improving customer satisfaction and reducing your costs. And use the EnviroChain functionality for online sample submission, uploading information from the filed into Element LIMS, and eliminate the need for paper CoCs and the associated manual data entry.

Regulatory Compliance

Promium solutions for environmental
testing are designed and developed
based on industry standards and
regulations, accreditation programs,
and best practices.

Standards Supported:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Analytical Methods and Laboratory Certification
  • Cryptosporidium Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
  • Information Collection Requirements (ICR) for Drinking Water Laboratories
  • UCMR Laboratory Approval Program
  • Drinking Water Laboratory Approval Program
  • CALA
  • Various state/provincial and municipal programs
  • ISO 17025
  • 21 CFR Part 11