LIMS for Water & Wastewater Testing

Efficient, accurate, and reliable laboratory information management.

Automate field sample collection and streamline laboratory information management, from login to final reports.

Efficiently measure, monitor, and report environmental conditions.

As water and wastewater treatment facilities respond to growing demand and more regulations, real-time measurement, monitoring and reporting are becoming more critical than ever.

To help water testing laboratories address these dynamic conditions, Promium has developed a laboratory information management (LIMS) with integrated online sample submission functionality.

Promium solutions streamline and automate lab workflow, delivering increased productivity and stronger quality management. Eliminate manual activities and paper, while improving trackign and reporting. Specific to the needs of water treatment labs, Promium solutions also:

  • Facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Utilize a vast library of standard and customizable forms including DMRs
  • Improve sample tracking report generation

From local municipal water districts to state/provincial and federal departments, in the United States, Canada, and Asia, Promium solutions contribute to increased efficiency, expanded access to information, and stronger quality control.

Streamlined workflow form the field through the lab.

Whether it is a quick turn-around project or regularly scheduled testing, a simple grab or a repetitive high volume project, Element LIMS gives you flexible login capabilities, supports high quality analysis, and provides efficient automated reporting. Element LIMS includes workflow, methods, and QC needed to meet your compliance requirements for the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, or hundreds of other federal, state, and local standards.

Element LIMS

Automating bench sheets, quality control, calculations, and report generation, further streamlines the entire testing, analysis, and reporting process. Element LIMS streamlines and automates lab workflow to deliver increased productivity, stronger quality management, and shorter turnaround times.

Specific to the needs of water testing labs, Element LIMS improves monitoring and reporting of water discharge compliant with NPDES permits and automated upload of EDDs and DMRs to state and federal agencies.


By improving the process for entering data in the field–directly at the point of sampling–and then uploading that information in real-time to the laboratory LIMS, your field samplers streamline workflow and eliminate manual work and opportunities for error.

Online sample submission with EnviroChain eliminates the need for paper CoCs and the associated manual data entry. EnviroChain provides sample scheduling directly from Element LIMS and sample data is imported from the field via any internet-connected device.

Regulatory Compliance

Promium solutions for water
testing are designed and developed
based on industry standards and
regulations, accreditation programs,
and best practices.

Standards Supported:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Analytical Methods and Laboratory Certification
  • Cryptosporidium Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
  • Information Collection Requirements (ICR) for Drinking Water Laboratories
  • UCMR Laboratory Approval Program
  • Drinking Water Laboratory Approval Program
  • CALA
  • Various state/provincial and municipal programs
  • ISO 17025
  • Portions of 21 CFR Part 11