Using Element LIMS to turn uncertainty into opportunity in the cannabis testing market.

Testing laboratories must learn to adapt and operate efficiently in order to be successful in this new segment.A laboratory information management system that drives productivity and regulatory compliance is one key to achieving that success.

Unique new DataConcourse® online application from Promium automates analysis of environmental testing data from laboratories

Unique new DataConcourse® online application from Promium automates analysis of environmental testing data from laboratories. New service makes it easier to analyze and format environmental data sent from testing laboratories to engineering and consulting firms.

The Benefits of a configurable off-the-shelf LIMS (COTS)

As IT organizations around the world continue to look for more efficient operating models, laboratories must decide where to apply their resources. Ultimately a business decision has to be made based on the well-worn trade off of benefit vs. cost.

Six-pack of LIMS implementation success factors

Six-pack of LIMS implementation success factorsHow do you define success for a LIMS implementation? The obvious metrics include staying within budget, getting done on time, and getting the features you expected.

Seven Keys that Unlock the LIMS Selection Process

There are plenty of technical requirements to consider when researching and selecting a LIMS for your laboratory, but sometimes tunnel vision on those technical details can make you miss the forest for the trees. The following seven keys provide a unique non-technical framework to give you a broader view for evaluating LIMS alternatives.

Paper good for origami not CoCs

Paper is still wonderful for making paper airplanes or origami animals, but we live in a digital age where smartphones are ubiquitous and “the cloud” provides universal access to information. With EnviroChain, an online chain of custody (CoC) application, Promium is modernizing a data collection and entry process that has otherwise seen little change since the 1970s.

How to stop productivity leakage

A lack of efficiency at many analytical laboratories constrains growth opportunities and even threatens the survival of the labs. Rather than poor management, the culprit is productivity leakage. Fortunately, by implementing Element LIMS from Promium, the leaks can be eliminated and productivity will increase.

From CoCs to cell phones

The paper chain of custody (CoC) has outlived its usefulness and could even undermine the integrity of the sample management process while adding unnecessary cost to your operations. An online CoC process increases efficiency, accuracy and reliability–and costs as much as seventy percent less.