Promium introduces major upgrade of Element LIMS®.

New platform and new workflow for environmental, water, wastewater, and cannabis testing.

SEATTLE, WA. (July 21, 2021) – Promium, L.L.C., a leading provider of LIMS software for analytical testing laboratories, announced today the release of a new version of Element LIMS® laboratory software. A comprehensive laboratory information management system, Element LIMS manages analytical and operational activities across the laboratory. Element LIMS version 7 includes feature enhancements, a redesigned user interface, and a new development framework, all targeted to significantly increase laboratory performance and compliance.

Promium customers had a major influence on the product update. Analytical testing laboratories are constantly under pressure to improve productivity while maintaining a high level of data integrity. “We received a lot of great feedback from customers about how their businesses have evolved, and the changes that they wanted to see in a LIMS,” said Scot Cocanour, CEO and co-founder. “We looked for areas to further streamline and automate, while meeting the increasing requirements from regulatory organizations. This new version of Element LIMS reflects our continued focus on increasing efficiency while reinforcing scientific discipline. For the laboratory, it means less effort and better results.”

The most noticeable change in the application is the new user interface. The new look and workflow, and a new architecture, provides a highly visual and intuitive user experience. That makes it easier for the chemists, technicians, and project managers to do their jobs. The system also eliminates manual activities and lots of paper, improving efficiency and quality.

While the new version of Element LIMS retains some functional continuity with the previous version, this is the most substantial update to Element LIMS that Promium has ever launched. “With version 7 of Element LIMS, we incorporated a new model for how information is presented and strengthened the data management capabilities,” said Buddy Wilson, President, CTO, and co-founder.  “We worked hard to streamline workflow from login all the way through to generating final deliverables and expanded detailed monitoring and tracking across the system. In addition to the new features, greater configurability at the user and system administration level provides laboratories with increased flexibility.  The new version of Element LIMS is built using the Microsoft .NET Framework, which delivers more versatility to make updates and manage the system.

Contact: Andy Levy

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