Efficient new EnviroChain® online field data collection and chain of custody service launched by Promium.

New service automates field data collection and significantly reduces costs for environmental engineering/consulting firms and laboratories.

Seattle, WA, July 28, 2015 – Promium, L.L.C., a leading provider of software for organizations that require or perform environmental testing, announced today the production release of the EnviroChain online field data collection and chain of custody service. This unique new service reduces cost and replaces the thousands of pieces of paper used in the conventional field data collection and chain of custody process, with an online service that combines web and mobile technology.

In the same way that online banking is replacing check writing, and email is replacing snail mail, the online chain of custody service is providing environmental engineering firms, environmental consultants, and environmental testing laboratories with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples. The outdated paper-based process has been in place since at least the 1970’s when the U.S. EPA was established.

Rather than handwriting sample information on paper forms, EnviroChain transactions are entered into your mobile device in the field and a chain of custody document is instantly transferred to the laboratory. And when EnviroChain is integrated with the laboratory’s LIMS through an API, all of the actual sample data is uploaded directly into the system—eliminating data entry and transcription errors.

“Our laboratory customers tell us that it costs them on average, at least ten dollars to process each paper chain of custody (CoC). That doesn’t even include the cost of fixing a transcription error—something that might not be noticed until after work has begun. With EnviroChain, that same transaction would cost less than two dollars,” said Scot Cocanour, Promium CEO. “Now multiply that savings times the thousands of CoCs managed by the lab every year and the financial impact is significant.”

While the subscription-based EnviroChain service reduces cost for the laboratories, it also provides an efficient and accurate solution for environmental engineering firms and environmental consultants. “Engineering firms, consultants, and sampling firms are looking to make their workflow more efficient and accelerate the process,”iOS and Android mobile apps, and pre-populated information, EnviroChain gives them a solution that automates the process and is easy to use, in the office and in the field.” The mobile applications allow data to be entered even when there is no active connection and synchronized when back in range.

There is no charge to use EnviroChain for individuals and organizations that plan, collect, and submit the samples—referred to as sample generators. Instead, a modest transaction fee is charged to the receiving laboratory for each submission. Price per transaction for EnviroChain is far below the cost of processing a paper-based chain of custody.