Unique new DataConcourse® online application from Promium automates analysis of environmental testing data from laboratories.

New service makes it easier to analyze and format environmental data sent from testing laboratories to engineering and consulting firms.

Seattle, WA, March 21, 2016 – Promium, L.L.C., a leading provider of software for organizations that require or perform environmental testing, announced today the production release of the DataConcourse online application for the analysis, formatting and exportation of laboratory results. This unique new service reduces cost and eliminates hours of effort currently required by environmental engineering and consulting firms to analyze the results sent to them from testing laboratories.

“One of the biggest data hassles environmental engineering and consulting firms have to deal with is managing the test results provided by analytical laboratories,” says Scot Cocanour, CEO of Promium. “No matter how accommodating the lab may be, there is still considerable effort required for importing the data, conducting further analysis, and formatting it in a way that’s useful.” Today, that activity is predominantly done one of two ways—at opposite ends of the spectrum—either manually with spreadsheets, or with a comprehensive environmental data management system (EDMS).

Using a manual spreadsheet approach is very labor intensive and time consuming. It is prone to transcription error, has no robust method of ensuring quality assurance or an audit trail, and makes it very difficult to combine data from different projects or share data with other individuals. Using a full EDMS on the other hand involves the cost of a complex IT infrastructure and team of data managers, as well as several months to spend on training and implementation. Such an application is often overwhelming and much of the functionality is unnecessary or underutilized.

DataConcourse is a cloud-based service that reduces IT expenses, reduces time and effort to get to the end result, and consolidates data from multiple projects and labs. “DataConcourse is really different in three key ways,” says Cocanour. “First, because DataConcourse is a cloud-based service, firms don’t have a large capital outlay for computer servers and software. Second, because we automate the process of uploading data directly from the laboratory, we eliminate manual entry into spreadsheets and the opportunity for error. And lastly, the application functionality is focused on a specific set of critical tasks, and has an intuitive workflow that doesn’t require a huge amount of training and IT support.”

Pricing for DataConcourse is also different than many other solutions. There is no license fee, implementation charge, or training charge. A pay-as-you-go pricing model only charges users for what they use and report storage. Not only is this approach more economical, it also more closely ties expenses to billable client services. Additional consulting services are available however, if necessary.

DataConcourse is currently integrated with Element LIMS from Promium but is also able to upload output from other LIMS using an API. Key features include an onboard library of regulatory environmental standards, formatted chemistry tables, validation and final qualifier checks, quality assurance reports, and high-level integration with GIS mapping. And an easy-to-use web interface and a very targeted set of features means there is a shorter learning curve—reducing training costs for existing and new employees and accelerating the time-to-value payback from improved efficiency.

DataConcourse is part of a seamless cycle from sample collection, to analytical testing, to results management. The EnviroChain online application from Promium uses mobile and web technology to automate the collection of sample data and deliver that information to the laboratory without the need of a paper-based chain-of custody, and eliminates manual data entry as well as improving quality. Element LIMS from Promium is a configurable off-the-shelf information management system that automates and streamlines the sample management process through the laboratory—with an export to DataConcourse.