Customer Testimonials

Current customers provide the best insight into the value that Promium products and services deliver. We certainly appreciate their support. Here is a sampling of some of the nice things our customers have had to say.

Alpha Analytical

You can tell that Element LIMS was developed by people who understand the laboratory…Sample management, quality control, batching, and reporting all matched our needs…Promium has been excellent to work with—we could not have grown the laboratory without them.”       –  Bruce Gove, Laboratory Owner

Babcock Laboratories

“Element LIMS is now key to the lab’s operation and has had a positive effect on almost every aspect of the company’s business.”          –  Allison Mackenzie, CEO

City of Portland

“We could have built the ultimate system and it would have taken a long time and we might still be in the process of implementing it. Instead we bought a system that matched a lot of what we wanted to do…Element LIMS is easy, it’s fast, it does what we need it to do.”           –  Jennifer Shackelford, LIMS Administrator


Environmental Service Laboratories (ESL)

““Element LIMS has made a huge, huge difference in terms of tracking and turnaround time.”           –  Brad Madadian, President


Renewable Resources (ReWa)

“Element LIMS gave us more capacity by increasing productivity.”           –  Babs Johnson, Laboratory Services Supervisor


Trace Analytical

“Promium has made sure that real-world needs are incorporated into the LIMS. Element LIMS is very intuitive and it is exactly what we need for the type of samples we have…We just couldn’t run the lab as efficiently without Element LIMS.”         – Bruce Pelletier, President