DataConcourse FAQ

DataConcourse Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can DataConcouse import reports from any laboratory LIMS or does it have to be Element LIMS only?
A: As long as the report is in the correct format it can be imported into DataConcourse. Contact Promium for details on developing your output format. For laboratories that have implemented Element LIMS from Promium, laboratory reports can be imported automatically.

Q: How are exceedences identified?
A: Various government standards are loaded into a DataConcourse library and report data is compared to those standards. Custom standards can also be uploaded.

Q: Do we need special mapping software for the GIS integration?
A: Internal DataConcourse GIS eliminates the need for additional mapping software. DataConcourse can however, export to other mapping systems if you prefer.

Q: Who would typically use DataConcourse?
A: Anyone who checks, analyzes or reports laboratory data, including engineers, scientists, and managers.

Q: How does DataConcourse save money?
A: By eliminating manual steps like using individual spreadsheets to analyze data, manually comparing against regulatory standards, or combining multiple reports.

Q: Does each member of our firm have to register in order to use the system?
A: The firm will create one corporate account but multiple members of the company can and should register under that account.

Q: Why is the pricing per report instead of by subscription?
A: Per report was considered the most equitable for your firm because it more closely matches workflow and makes it easier for your to accurately bill back your clients. Subscription and “block” pricing are however under consideration.

Q: Do we need any additional software loaded on our computers to use DataConcourse?
A: DataConcourse is an Internet-based service hosted by Promium. You do not need anything other than an Internet connection. If you decide to export documents you will need spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

Q: How long is my report available online?
A: Once you import the report, it is accessible for a full year. After that, there is a nominal fee for each additional year of storage per report.

Privacy & Security

Q: How secure is the data?
A: All traffic is protected using standards-based 256-bit SSL encryption. DataConcourse operates in a load-balanced application server environment, with a clustered SQL Server database behind a firewall and not exposed to the public Internet. Our servers are hosted in a SAS70 certified data center. Database backups are fully encrypted and pushed nightly to a secure off-site location, and database transaction logs are stored every 15 minutes. We also store login session information, including login date/time, remote IP address, and logout/session expiration date/time.