Automate and streamline laboratory workflow to increase productivity.

Element LIMS

Laboratory Information Management (LIMS)

Flexible login, online bench sheets, automated QC and reporting, and integration with online sample submission.

Element LIMS® for laboratories that test water, soil, air, cannabis, and food.

Element LIMS® is a configurable Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that increases productivity for environmental labs that test air, soil, cannabis, water, wastewater, and food. Element LIMS laboratory software is used by environmental labs, water and wastewater treatment organizations, power companies, cannabis laboratories, and other analytical testing labs. A majority of these labs have reported an increase of 30 to 50 percent in productivity.

Find out how Element LIMS can increase your efficiency, strengthen quality, and expand access to information.


Because of a design strategy to be configurable rather than customizable, we are able to produce a very flexible platform that is cost-effective to conform to your unique business policies.

Unified Solution

All LIMS core components are part of one system so you are not forced to purchase, integrate, or maintain additional modules for standard functionality.

Key LIMS Features

LIMS features and functionality developed specifically for environmental laboratories that test soil, water, air, cannabis, and food (residue analysis).

Element LIMS Samples

Project Management

Streamline the project management process with project templates and an automated conversion of bids.

Laboratory Analysis

Automated bench sheets, instrument integration, batch processing streamline sample management.

LIMS Reporting

Large library of EDDs (including support for CLP), automated report packaging, and strong analytical and operational reporting increase efficiency.

Sample Control

Flexible login, granular tracking, and real-time alerts improve sample management. Optional EnviroChain EA eliminates paper CoC.

Quality Assurance

Integrated QC, embedded calculations, and an extensive audit trail strengthen quality.

ClientConnect Portal

Web portal that gives your clients quick and easy access to sample data, test results and documents, and integration with EnviroChain EA.

EnviroChain EA Integration

Integration with online sample submission and chain of custody (CoC) application eliminates data entry and paper CoC.

Configurable LIMS for your specific business policies and procedures.

  • Change nomenclature
  • Edit or add data fields
  • Modify equations
  • Configure menus
  • Establish alerts and flags
  • Modify reporting formats and distribution
  • Establish invoice frequency
  • Modify program settings and default values

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An interactive and disciplined four-stage process refined over hundreds of implementations.

Platform &

Stable platform, reliable Microsoft technology, and recommended hardware and software requirements.

Hosted SaaS

Reduce IT costs by subscribing to the Element LIMS SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based offering.


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Envirochain EA

Web-based sample submission and CoC application reduces cost, eliminates paper, and increases productivity.


Give your clients access to final results data with an upload to DataConcourse for analysis, formatting, and reporting.