Expand Access

Element LIMS provides broader access to more information and gives you and your team the ability to make better decisions about analytical and operational activities.

Cascading Data Model

Cascading data model provides distributed data entry and centralized storage for enter-once and access-anywhere capability. Data flow is seamless from project initiation to final report.


Real-time updates are consolidated in an at-a-glance Dashboard to give you a quick read on key activities.

Email Alerts

Real-time alerts and system-generated messages notify you of critical operational or analytical conditions.

Specialized Reporting

Built-in CLP and CLP-like reports up to and including Level 4.

Operational Reporting

A variety of operational reports such as turn-around time, quality control charts, project tracking, and work order tracking, enable more pro-active oversight.

Web-based Client Access

Quick, secure and easy access via the Internet for internal and external clients to view work order status and test results.
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Historical Data

Access to historical result data provides trend analysis and assessment of current results