Increase Efficiency

Automating and streamlining sample login, management, and reporting, give you and your team more time to focus on analytical testing.

Flexible Sample Login

Variety of login options including Quick Login and pre-log. Unique identifiers for containers, work orders, samples, and batches provide granular tracking.

Automated Report Packaging

Automatically integrates test results, QC results, raw data, chain of custody, and case narratives, and generate and distribute a final formatted report.

Custom Project Analysis

Customize an existing analysis for a particular project instead of having to build a new analysis each time.

Simplified EDD Creation

Pre-loaded EDD formats (including SEDDs), and an EDD builder to create custom EDDs.

Project Templates

Templates manage sampling activity including test profiles, permit levels and QC limits.

Streamline Data Input

Online bench sheets store sample preparation information and embedded equations do calculations to produce results. Batch-centric QC processing optimizes workflow. Online analytical standards log eliminates manual data entry of concentrations.

Instrument Interfacing

Pre-loaded instrument interpreters for hundreds of instruments and semi-automated data upload.