Element ClientConnect portal
with EnviroChain

Web-based access for your clients and online sample submission.

Element ClientConnect is a powerful web-based communications portal included with Element LIMS that gives your clients quick and easy access to sample data, test results and documents–improving customer satisfaction and reducing your costs.

With your clients able to access information directly, they get quicker updates and your Project Managers spend less time answering the phone and more time managing laboratory operations.

*New version under development for Element LIMS v7.

ClientConnect enables your clients to:

  • Display project list, lab work orders, and analysis
  • Select sample and results detail
  • Download final reports, EDDs, and related documents
  • Export configurable data reports (including CSV)
  • View Methodology Directory and list analysis, analyte, CAS number, description, general method, specific method, or test package

EnviroChain® online sample submission and chain of custody

EnviroChain reduces cost and increases productivity through integration with Element LIMS (via the ClientConnect application) and by eliminating paper CoCs.

EnviroChain is a web-based sample submission application that logs samples directly into Element LIMS. And with a bi-directional integration, Element LIMS project, work order, and schedule information is automatically accessible.

Submitting samples with EnviroChain reduces paper, reduces transcription errors, and accelerates the process of submitting and managing samples, all at a fraction of the cost of managing paper CoCs. Samples, methods, containers, preservatives, sample locations, and other data is pre-populated for pre-logged samples scheduled for routine testing, or for samples previously submitted.

Key Features

EnviroChain features and functionality developed specifically for organizations that require environmental testing of soil, water, air, cannabis, and food.

Sample Scheduling

Schedule samples through Element LIMS


Enter data through any web-enabled device with internet connection.

Copy CoC

Copy existing sample submissions to save time.


Use previous sample entries as a template for new entries.

Custom CoC

Build a custom CoC and store in Element LIMS library for access by EnviroChain.

Container Assignment

Assign the proper sample containers from within Element LIMS.

Real-time Receipt

As soon as the samples are submitted, the information is available in Element LIMS.