EnviroChain EA FAQ

EnviroChain EA Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are electronic signatures valid?
A: Yes. Electronic signatures are considered valid based on numerous Federal and state statutes and practices. More information is available at: http://www.ftc.gov/os/2001/06/esign7.htm. The electronic signature is made up of several compoents including a unique user name, secure password, time stamp, date stamp, and the devices’s IP or machine address.

Q: Does EnviroChain EA work only with Element LIMS?
A: Yes. EnviroChain EA is only available to Element LIMS Cusotmers.

Q: Does the lab receive the CoC electronically?
A: Yes. The data is transmitted through EnviroChain EA and then downloaded into Element LIMS.

Q: How will we know when a CoC is sent to us from EnviroChain EA?
A: The information will be presented as part of the sample login procedure.

Q: How do I get EnviroChain EA?
A: The code for EnviroChain EA is included with your purchase of Element LIMS as part of the Element ClientConnect package but is inactive. You will need to have version 3.0 or greater of Element ClientConnect running and then the EnviroChain EA application must be enabled.

Q: Do we need to be on a certain version of Element LIMS?
A: Yes. You must have Element LIMS 6.15 or higher installed.

Q: How do my clients get an account?
A: EnviroChain EA uses the credentials you give your clients for Element ClientConnect. They do not need a separate account. They will login to ClientConnect and select the EnviroChain icon.