Sample Control

Element LIMS laboratory software features that improve the process for creating and managing samples.

Sample Login & Tracking

Element LIMS provides a variety of login options to suit your laboratory including pre-log and quick login capabilities. With unique identifiers for containers, work orders, samples, and batches, Element LIMS provides detailed tracking as samples progress through the lab. Queries are defined by client, project, analytical method or even instruments.

Real-time Alerts

Sample monitoring is improved with real-time alerts and flags that identify conditions exceeding limits. System-generated emails generated by MessageManager notify you of the conditions. Workflow and inventory management are automated with email alerts to notify you when consumables levels, hold times, maintenance schedules, and professional certifications require attention.

Bar Coding Automation

Element LINS supports bar coding labeling, tracking and reporting of samples by utilizing both Code 128, 39 and 2D bar codes for sample bottles, consumables, in-house COC’s as well as reagents and standards.


Specific analyses are associated with specific containers to assemble bottle kits, create bottle orders and chain of custody forms where a count of containers and corresponding analyses must be maintained.

Online and Internal
Chain of Custody

Element LIMS is integrated with the Promium EnviroChain online chain of custody (CoC) service. Online CoC documents and data flow directly into Element LIMS, eliminating data entry and improving quality. In addition, Element LIMS supports an internal chain of custody protocol—including the use of bar coding technology—that requires users to check samples in and out of storage locations. A report lists each sample’s location, time in/out, and name of person last handling the sample.