Improve efficiency by eliminating the paper chain of custody and upload sample data directly from the field.


Online Sample Submission

Enter sample data from a mobile device using pre-defined templates and upload information directly into the laboratory LIMS.

EnviroChain automates field data collection and sample submission–eliminating the paper chain of custody.

In the field and in the lab, EnviroChain reduces costs while improving efficiency and accuracy. From the field, using a mobile app or a web app, the sample collection team will send the laboratory an online chain of custody that will be directly downloaded into the LIMS–before the cooler even arrives.

Replace thousands of pieces of paper, and all the data entry and cost of misread CoCs, or lost/damaged documentation.

Accurate. Efficient. Reliable.

In the same way that email is replacing snail mail, and online banking is replacing check writing, the online field data collection and chain of custody service is providing you with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples.

EnviroChain sample submission

Manage workflow
and initiate CoC

  • Manage field teams, including activating and deactivating users
  • Pre-populate your CoCs and share them with your
    field crews
  • Establish field data parameters to be captured
  • View all CoC activity for your entire team
  • Print sample labels with QR codes
EnviroChain MyAccount image
EnviroChain iphone

Submit samples from the field

  • Fill in pre-populated CoCs or start new ones
  • Copy entire CoCs or individual samples, saving field time
  • Enter field data, even Florida ADaPT forms
  • Take photos of your samples/coolers and fieldwork and share these automatically
  • Use your phone’s geolocation to tag your sample location
  • Notify your lab courier of your sample shipment request
  • Sign and relinquish your CoCs using your finger
  • Submit your CoC with a single tap of a button
  • Do all of this even with no cell signal


Sample Generator

Replace paper CoCs and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the sample submission process. Enter data directly from the field using mobile and web applications.


Replace paper CoCs and eliminate manual data entry, transcription errors, and cost. Upload field and sample data directly into the LIMS.