Improve efficiency by eliminating the paper chain of custody and upload sample data directly from the field.


Online Sample Submission

Enter sample data from the field and upload information directly into the laboratory LIMS.

EnviroChain automates field data collection and sample submission–eliminating the paper chain of custody.

In the field and in the lab, EnviroChain reduces costs while improving efficiency and accuracy. From the field, the¬†sample collection team will send the laboratory an online chain of custody that will be directly downloaded into the LIMS–before the cooler even arrives.

Replace thousands of pieces of paper, and all the data entry and cost of misread CoCs, or lost/damaged documentation.

Accurate. Efficient. Reliable.

In the same way that email is replacing snail mail, and online banking is replacing check writing, the online field data collection and chain of custody service is providing you with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples.

Laboratories with Element LIMS

EnviroChain EA web-based application that is fully integrated with Element LIMS.

Laboratories with other LIMS

EnviroChain mobile-based application that works with any LIMS.