EnviroChain Laboratory FAQ

EnviroChain Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are electronic signatures valid?
A: Yes. Electronic signatures are considered valid based on numerous Federal and state statutes and practices. More information is available at: http://www.ftc.gov/os/2001/06/esign7.htm. The electronic signature is made up of several compoents including a unique user name, secure password, time stamp, date stamp, and the devices’s IP or machine address.

Q: Does the electronic Chain of Custody (CoC) have to be signed electronically?
A: No. An electronic Chain of Custody (CoC) can be printed from EnviroChain and manually signed, just like what is currently done with paper forms.

Q: Does a printed CoC copy still need to be put in the cooler?
A: No, although a marked-up copy of a preliminary CoC may be useful as a reference. All that is needed with the coolers during transport of the samples is some way to document the CoC identification number (ID#). The CoC Custody Seal Label form from the Promium website serves this purpose. Similar to a FedEx airbill number, this ID #, identifies the samples within the cooler(s) or other containers and matches them with the record number within EnviroChain. A copy of the final CoC can also be printed and put in the cooler if a printer is available.

Q: Does the lab receive the CoC electronically?
A: Yes. For labs with Element LIMS from Promium, the data is transmitted through EnviroChain and then downloaded to Element LIMS. Other LIMS software may be integrated as well. Alternatively, an email can be sent to the lab. The email contains details of the shipment/samples, and also includes a copy of the CoC in PDF format. In addition, this record appears on the lab’s EnviroChain dashboard.

Q: How will we know when a CoC is sent to us from EnviroChain?
A: If you have Element LIMS, the information will be presented as part of the sample login procedure. You may also view the EnviroChain Dashboard to see CoC activity. If you do not have integration with Element LIMS or another LIMS, you will receive an email with the CoC file.

Q: Can an EDD be sent to the lab?
A: Yes. A number of EDD formats are already available and others are being developed.

Q: Can EnviroChain be used at a company-owned internal lab?
A: Yes. Any lab can use EnviroChain, even internal labs.

Q: What happens if there is an erroneous CoC sent to the lab?
A: Contact Promium Customer Support and we will work with you to resolve any inappropriate charges to your account.

Q: What happens if there is an error on an EnviroChain CoC that is submitted to the lab?
A: The EnviroChain CoC cannot be edited once submitted. If EnviroChain is integrated with Element LIMS, the CoC data is uploaded from EnviroChain and can then be edited within Element LIMS. The changes will be captured in an Element LIMS audit trail with the appropriate qualifying note.

Q: How do we get a credit for an invalid transaction?
A: Once the CoC is submitted it cannot be reversed. However if necessary, Promium Customer Support can add to your CoC account balance to make up for any invalid transactions. A credit memo can also be issued.

Q: Our current LIMS system is not Element LIMS from Promium. Is there a way to integrate EnviroChain?
A:Yes, we have an EnviroChain API that will enable you to integrate with your LIMS (see Download section).

Q: If EnviroChain is web-based, how will the lab know where the cooler(s) came from?
A: Once a user completes a chain of custody online, he/she is given a unique CoC ID number. This can be written on the label outside of the cooler (Promium Custody Seal) and/or applied to a note placed inside the cooler. Both FedEx and UPS labels should have a space for notes or special instructions.

Q: How are we billed?
A: EnviroChain is billed to your credit card independent of any Element LIMS or other charges. If you purchase the Basic plan, your card is billed weekly. For Standard and Advantage your card will be billed the time of purchase.

Q: If we do our own sampling, is that considered a billable transaction?
A: Yes. All CoC transactions are treated the same. But keep in mind that the cost savings vs. a paper CoC also remains the same regardless of who submits.

Q: What if we no longer wish to have an EnviroChain account and need to prevent sample generators from sending EnviroChain CoCs to us?
A: Please contact Promium Customer Support and they will help close your account and remove you from the list of labs in the system.

Privacy & Security

Q: How secure is the data?
A: All traffic is protected using standards-based 256-bit SSL encryption. EnviroChain operates in a load-balanced application server environment, with a clustered SQL Server database behind a firewall and not exposed to the public Internet. Our servers are hosted in a SAS70 certified data center. Database backups are fully encrypted and pushed nightly to a secure off-site location, and database transaction logs are stored every 15 minutes. We also store login session information, including login date/time, remote IP address, and logout/session expiration date/time.

Q: Is Sample Generator data shared with anyone?
A: No. The only data sharing that is conducted is the sharing of the sample information on a specific CoC with the receiving lab designated on the CoC.

Specifications & Requirements

Q: Do I need to install any software to use EnviroChain?
A: No. EnviroChain is a web application, with no software installation required. A mobile application for sample generators can be downloaded.

Q: With what browsers or operating systems does EnviroChain work?
A: Our system will run on any modern browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Safari, and FireFox.

Q: Is a live Internet connection required to work with EnviroChain?
A: Yes. A connection is necessary.