Improve accuracy and efficiency by eliminating the paper chain of custody.

EnviroChain for Samplers

Online Sample Submission

Enter sample data from the field using a mobile device and upload the information directly to the laboratory.

EnviroChain mobile apps make field data collection more efficient and accurate.

When you connect with a lab that also uses EnviroChain you reduce costs while improving efficiency and accuracy. Replace thousands of pieces of paper with one accurate, efficient, and reliable online service. In the same way that online banking is replacing check writing, and email is replacing snail mail, the online chain of custody service is providing you with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples.

There is no fee for a sample generator to submit samples with EnviroChain.

Ship the samples off to the lab and send sample data directly from the field to the laboratory information management system. The data will be downloaded before the cooler even arrives. Simply register for EnviroChain, follow the step-by-step workflow and submit your CoC to the selected lab. There is no charge to submit samples. Instead, the lab is charged for each transaction received.

Submitting to labs that don’t have EnviroChain

If the lab doesn’t have EnviroChain implemented yet, you can still automate your process by using EnviroChain to produce an electronic CoC image. The lab will promptly receive an email with the CoC.

Increase Efficiency

Automating data collection and sample submission saves you and your team time.

Improve Accuracy

Pre-loaded information and mobile application eliminate transcription errors and confusion.

Key Features

EnviroChain features and functionality developed specifically for organizations that require environmental testing of soil, water, air, cannabis, and food.

EnviroChain Pick a Lab

Laboratory Integration

Direct integration with Element LIMS and API integration with other LIMS applications.

Copy CoC

Save time by copying an existing CoC or just copy individual samples.

Sequential Workflow

Intuitive step-by-step workflow process.


Use your phone’s geoloction capability to tag your sample location.

CoC Sharing

Create and securely share a CoC with others in the organization.

Pre-entered Analysis

Use pre-entered analysis to save time and eliminates errors or start a new CoC.

Quick Tour

EnviroChain chain of custody

1. Laboratory Selection

Select the laboratory to which you will submit the CoC. Then select the laboratory contact.

EnviroChain chain of custody

2. Select Project

Select the appropriate project from a list of pre-loaded options.

EnviroChain chain of custody software for integration with LIMS software for laboratories

3. Add Samples

Add sample ID, and then select matrix, analyses, containers, and turnaround time from the menu.

EnviroChain chain of custody

4. Print Labels

Print the labels and label bottles if appropriate.

At this point, you can “share” the CoC with the field samples for them to complete the process.

EnviroChain submitting samples

5. Select Chain of Custody

In the field, select the CoC to edit.

EnviroChain chain of custody

6. Update Information

Edit the CoC as required. If appropriate, add depth, container type,  GPS, a photo of the site, sample type, and field data.

EnviroChain chain of custody

7. Shipping Method

Select the shipping method for this particular delivery.

EnviroChain chain of custody

8. Add Signature

Add your signature to the CoC record.

EnviroChain submitting samples

9. Submission

Submit the completed CoC to the laboratory.

EnviroChain CoC chain of custody

10. View Activity

View an online or PDF copy of your CoC.

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Mobile App

Submit samples directly from the field.


Print a custody seal to record CoC number and secure the samples.


Contact Promium Customer Support for system setup assistance.


Additional information including articles, User Guide, and FAQ.

"The best part is that I know the lab
is instantly getting my information.
And I don’t worry about them
misreading my hand-written CoC."

 Project Engineer, Environmental Consulting Firm



Give your clients direct access to final results data with an upload to DataConcourse for analysis, formatting, and reporting.